Bill Phelps & Associates represents businesses and professional associations within a variety of legislative and policy areas, including (but not limited to) energy, industrial manufacturing, advocacy, retail, municipal, economic development, and education.

Bill has consulted, advised, and lobbied with State Senators and Representatives on legislation that was both positive and negative to the client issues.


Bill Phelps has represented CenterPoint Energy in the area of governmental affairs for most of the last decade.  During that time, Bill has always been responsive to the Company’s needs.  He has a very strong understanding of the legislative process and has been very effective over the years in advocating the Company’s positions on a broad range of issues.  I would unequivocally recommend Bill to anyone who is in need support in the area of governmental affairs.
Kenny W. Henderson
Associate General Counsel, CenterPoint Energy
Bill Phelps provides invaluable services to our Chamber beyond just our stated objectives. His reputation as a man of great integrity inspires trust among all who work with him.
Debra Welch,
President & CEO, Lawton Fort Sill Chamber of Commerce
Bill Phelps & Associates has served as a state legislative consultant/liaison for the City of Lawton, Oklahoma for the past eight years. In my capacity as City Attorney, I have personally had the privilege of working with Bill on several legislative bills I have authored, ranging from gun control in the domestic violence context to municipal taxation on military installations. My evaluation of his services is they are of the highest caliber in every respect. Bill is intelligent, professional in his approach, dedicated to serving his clients and of prime importance to me personally, he does what he says he’s going to do.
Frank V. Jensen, J.D.,
Bill’s got the perfect combination of personality and tenacity to do his job. His relationships with decision-makers have put our organization at the table with all the right people at exactly the right times. Bill not only keeps us informed at every step, he uses his knowledge and perspective to add to the discussions and strategies necessary to successfully navigate the halls of the capitol. He is well-liked by his clients as well as many of his adversaries and is adept at building a coalition to get things done even in difficult and complicated negotiations. He is competent without allowing pride to get in the way of asking questions when he needs to learn something new. He treats people with respect and remains cool in even very tense situations. I highly recommend Bill Phelps to any company, group or individual who needs to get heard in the Oklahoma political arena.
Bryan Kerr, President
Retail Liquor Association of Oklahoma